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Sharing Mayo Clinic: Receiving care for COVID-19 while pregnant

Sharing Mayo Clinic: Receiving care for COVID-19 while pregnant

Last September, Kim and Lloyd Harter of Fairchild, Wisconsin, along with their daughter Eleanor Jacobo, tested positive for COVID-19. While they recovered, they also waited for a special new addition to their family: Kim was eight months pregnant.

With pregnancy being a risk factor for complications due to COVID-19, a member of the COVID-19 Front-Line Care Team at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, called Kim to discuss her risks, as well as provide information about COVID-19, how to isolate, how close contacts should quarantine, what symptoms to monitor and when to seek care for worsening symptoms.

She also met with Anthony Furlano, D.O., her Family Medicine physician at Mayo Clinic Health System in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, through a video visit. He reiterated the same messages, which reassured Kim that her care was in good hands.

COVID-19 recovery

Kim, then 31, experienced sneezing, body aches and extreme fatigue. “It came in waves. I’d feel good one day, then try to do a few things. Then it would hit me twice as hard the next day.”

Eleanor was sick for just one day and was quickly back to being an active 4-year-old, which made it challenging at times for her parents. “My husband and I basically took turns feeling sick as we took care of her and recovered,” says Kim.

Kim started to feel better after about seven days, although her sense of taste and smell took about a month to come back.

Read the rest of Kim’s story on Sharing Mayo Clinic.

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