Few Words About Myself Nice to Meet You

Hi, my name is Dr Fundile Nyati, a qualified Medical Doctor and Specialist Family Physician from the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban, South Africa, an appropriately qualified business leader and manager who holds an Advanced Management Programme in Healthcare qualification from Manchester Business School, a Seasoned Healthcare Entrepreneur who founded Proactive Health Solutions (Pty) Ltd a leading Employee Health and Wellness company in South Africa, and a passionate Industry Thought Leader who has over almost two decades been sharing his industry thoughts and insights through various platforms, from Conferences to Seminars to Workshops to Radio and Television Audiences, as well as various Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.


The vision of my Blog is to be the premium ‘Go-To’ blog on any matters health for both local and global healthcare issues, be it about illness and diseases health promotion, health prevention, health treatment and health rehabilitation issues; health business or entrepreneurship issues; health policy and programmes issues; health service delivery issues and health-related human rights issues.


The Mission of my Blog is to create a platform for engagement on a broad range of health issues thereby creating empowerment through awareness; sensitisation and education. The aim of the blog is to highlight various health issues and endeavour to work towards coming up with appropriate solutions to the problems or challenges in order to be part of solutions than to be a place of moaning and finger pointing without offering tangible practical solutions to prevailing issues.

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